Construction mesh welding lines

Operating off- coil, from ready pre-cut,pre-straightened rebar, or, any combination, we manufacture all types standard construction mesh welding machines.
From light construction mesh in rolls, to heavy duty rebar mesh welding machine production there is huge range available to cover every possible mesh type.
From semi-auto to fully automatic for high output construction mesh production covers every possible case from small to high capacity outputs!

Construction mesh welding lines

Technical range of options:

From 1500mm to 4000mm wide
Rebar diameters from 3mm – 20mm
Length of the mesh sheets up to 14meteres
Mesh in roll up to 100kg in weight!
Line wires feeding off-coil or precut

Different features:

Line wire positioning, semi-manual, semi-automatic or, fully automatic
Cross wire feeding- directly from –off-coil/reels, pre-cut from magazine, or, automatic pre-cut, indirectly, off-coil!
When working with cross wire off-coils, no mesh turner needed due to the cross wire insertion over, or, under the line wires (up, or, down)
User friendly and simple to manage operating protocols!
Full range of custom made extras and add-ons