We are manufacturing all types of mesh welding machinery and most of wire and rebar managing and processing equipment!

All the machines are fine tuned to the exacting client’s specification to better suites their production and organization needs!

In our manufacturing process we are using only the best, commercially, available parts!

We prefer not to compromise on quality!

security advancing unit

Mesh welding machinery includes:

Thin wire mesh welding machines

Fence panels welding lines

Construction mesh welding lines

Engineered and pre-cast mesh welding plants

Rebar and wire processing machinery:

Rebar welding and precast elements handling machines:

Column and cages welding machines

Stirrup assembling welding device

Lattice girder, or, truss member welding lines

Rebar and mesh forming devices:

Stirrup benders

Mesh benders

Mesh presses

Rebar and wire straightening and cutting machinery:

Rebar straightening and cutting machines

Smooth wire straightening and cutting machines

Shearing lines

Steel bar processing accessories

Second hand/discounted equipment

Sometimes we have traded in equipment, or, client prefer to have pre-owned machinery

Usually we fully refurbish the equipment before client is getting it

Also, some ready machines could be discounted for being space wasters!