Fine wire Light mesh welding lines

In this industry you need to produce very big quantities of mesh to achieve any serious profit.

You need your machines working at extremely high speeds

So, old technology, or, non-flexible machinery are obsolete!

Usual operating type is wire feeding for both cross and line wires!

These machines can produce mesh in rolls and in panels.

We proud ourselves to producing the fastest and most feasible machines in the world.
Our cost-conscious design and easy servicing/maintenance make these investments ideal for quick and secure break-even!
Innovation high technology design ensure minimal scrap production and easy of operation!

There are many industries including the construction that uses thing wire:


They are used as:

Rabitz mesh
Cheap fencing mesh for railway and highway securing,
Chicken, farming and agriculture mesh,
Netting for fish farming
Gabions and many more

Our machines for production in rolls are manufactures to work mechanically and can weld stainless still wire.

Possible configuration:

Wire type: Black, Galvanized, Stainless Steel (304-314)
Wire thickness from 0.8mm up to ~3.2mm
Wide from 700 up to 3700mm
Line wire distance from ¼ inch!
Cross wire step – adjustable

Extraction of ready rolls from semi-manual to completely automatic
All kind of auxiliary devices available