Fence Panels Welding Lines

We manufacture mesh welding machines for the production of all types of fence panels!

2D fence panels
3D V-pressed, fence panels
358 and 10 security mesh fence panels
4D security fence panels

Just as our other machines there are also tailor made as per client’s requirements!

Fence Panels Welding Lines

Feeding of the line and cross wire can be:

Off-coils for line and cross wires
Line wires from pre-cut and cross wire from off-coil
Both, line and cross from pre-cut wires

Depending on client’s needs, it will be decided what type, or, the combination of features is most suitable.

Possible geometry:

Wire thickness from 2mm – 8mm (6-5-6 and 8-6-8)
Wide from 1500 up to 3700mm
Cross wire step – infinitely adjustable
Line wire spacing from 25mm
One or two Cross wires for 2D production
Almost all work with stainless steel

V- Pressing can be in-line, or, separate!
Every type of stacking is available!

All the auxiliary devices and accessories are available!